The Brewed series is a natural evolution following the Art, Iced and Aged collections.

Fond of brewing good coffee,  it was only a matter of our mixologist Ron Ramirez brewing Distil’s own spirits with herbs, spices and dehydrated fruits, a process that adds flavor but can take up to four hours, which is perhaps why no one else in the world is doing it.

Distil - Brewed Cocktail

First the spirits and other ingredients must be brewed together in a copper distiller, after which they become the base for these delicately flavored cocktails, each of which is presented with lebua elegance presentations.

"Because it is so complex and involved," says Ron, "I brew all the ingredients myself to assure that we arrive at the sought-after delicate flavor and preserve the integrity of the brand" – and the integrity of the brand is important when you’re pouring Absolut 100, Olmeca Tequila, Havana Club Selección de Maestros, Plymouth Gin and Chivas 18, none of which are served anywhere in Thailand but lebua.

Introducing the five new Brewed Cocktails:

Distil - Brewed Cocktail

Cold-infused Pu-erh 2006 vintage aged tea shaken with Absolut 100 brewed with vanilla tea, defused dehydrated lemon and wild honey, placed in a tea press with crushed dry ice, making the alcohol sparkle, the drink colder, and pulling the liquid up to the top chamber; shaken and served in a frosted martini glass garnished with dehydrated lemon peel. “It’s got the force of a natural phenomenon,” says Ron.

Distil - Brewed Cocktail

The "eat-and-drink cocktail" is a revolutionary Margarita with melting chili ice cubes shaken with pink grapefruit, sake, rosemary-infused Agave and our very own Olmeca Tequila brewed with rosemary and orange; rimmed with dehydrated red wine salt, paired with California maki, and served with a mini-bottle of soy sauce and chopsticks.

Distil - Brewed Cocktail

Genie in a Bottle
What do you do with a genie in a bottle? You rub it! First we brew Havana Club Selección rum with cinnamon and cloves, then shake it three times counter-clockwise with lebua spice liqueur and house-made apple pie syrup, add a touch of Cohiba cigar smoke, rub the cork out, and Presto! It is ready to be served with the aroma of Havana wafting through the air and a garnish of dehydrated pineapple.

Distil - Brewed Cocktail

Chef’s Negroni
Inspired by the multitalented chefs at The Dome, this culinary mixology masterpiece calls for Plymouth Gin brewed with Spanish saffron, Campari with macerated sage, and cold-infused sweet vermouth with cloves served in three separate mini bottles and a glass with frozen yin yang pebbles on a mini-wooden tea tray with orange incense burning underneath to arouse all senses.

The four cocktails in the Brewed series are handcrafted in this one-of-a-kind copper distiller, which you will find exclusively… at Distil.

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