Located at Distil on the 64th floor, The Cellar is the highest cheese cellar in Thailand and the perfect complement to our award-winning collection of restaurants and bars at The Dome.

The Cellar

There can be no better way to consummate a dinner at Mezzaluna, Breeze or Sirocco than with a drink and a platter of cheese. For an altogether gorgeous, aromatic and delicious experience, we invite you to enter the perfectly temperature- and humidity-controlled environment of The Cellar and handpick your personal cheese plate from the selection of more than 30 artisan cheeses – a selection that changes seasonally with the grasses, flowers and herbs in the fields. Guests may also opt to move to Distil, where the entire selection may be savored as well.

The Cellar

The highlights of this season are undoubtedly those chosen with renowned Italian cheese master Giovanni Guffanti Fiori at the Milan-based Luigi Guffanti, which has been producing and sourcing fine artisanal cheeses for five generations. Among them are ‘Drunken Cheeses’ that are bathed in Barbera red wine, Prosecco or Cognac, imparting an exceptionally unique flavor, as well as select varieties made from water buffalo milk, are available in Thailand exclusively at lebua. These, plus the French, English, Spanish and Swiss cheeses from our artisanal suppliers s around the world are also awaiting in  the cellar.

While all may be enjoyed without accompaniment, many guests will delight in the handcrafted breads and Italian fruit preserves made with mustard that form such a perfect complement. They may also be paired with our selection of 25 varieties of wine that are available by the glass, in addition to some of the oldest vintages in Thailand, and many exclusive-to-The Dome labels.

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