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Chef Sam Pang takes Bangkok's highest open-air Asian restaurant to the next level with new à la carte and tasting menus.

Our homage to Asian cuisine, Breeze was opened in 2006 and quickly became known as the 'new face of Asian dining'. Today, the restaurant continues to offer diners some of Bangkok's most famous views, unrivaled Thai hospitality, and unobtrusive yet impeccable service, but there is a 'new face' at Breeze – and that new face is Executive Chef Sam Pang.

Chef Sam, who recently joined us, brings to Breeze a signature style honed over many years of working and traveling around the world that infuses authentic Asian flavors with subtle local influences – always with an emphasis on stunning artistic presentation.

After experiencing his renowned classic Cantonese cooking style – which he combines with creative plating, innovative cooking methods, and a keen sense of local tastes – we believe guests will agree that dining at Breeze has indeed reached a whole new level.

"My focus has always been on basic things like the sauce, which is the key to Asian dining, and the freshness of the ingredients," says the chef, adding that "Breeze built its reputation on traditional flavors and, although we import some ingredients, we mix these with local ones to create the perfect combination that brings out the best authentic flavors".

The À La Carte Menu

For Starters, guests will be treated to such delights as:

  • The chef's Signature Dim Sum Basket (seabass, river prawn, king crab, diver scallop, and abalone-Ossetra caviar dumplings)
  • Jasmine Tea Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs  (off-the-bone, tossed with homemade sugarcane juice)

Mains include:

  • Wok-Fried Maine Lobster (shallots and lemongrass-yellow bean sauce)
  • Grilled Chilean Seabass Taiwanese  (sha cha style, with cloud ear mushrooms, lily bulbs and sha cha sauce)
  • Wok-Fried Andaman Tiger Prawns (okra and coconut in tamarind sauce)

"I have been introducing more western techniques and equipment to complement and traditional Asian cooking styles at Breeze," Chef Sam says, "such as our Spanish Josper charcoal grill that allows us to better control the grilling temperature so we can make a piece of beef crispy outside and tender, juicy and moist inside with the perfect texture".

The Tasting Menu

Highlights of the new tasting menu include:

  • Pan-Seared Hokkaido Scallop, Marmite Soy King Crab Roll, Salmon Roe, Sweet & Sour Mango Juice Glazed Tiger Prawn with Honey Sauce
  • Charcoal Grilled Snow Fish (Cloud Ear Mushrooms and Taiwanese Sha Cha Sauce)
  • Braised Wagyu Beef Ribs Off-the-Bone (Mandarin Orange Sauce and Mui Choy Sticky Rice)

"The tasting menu changes regularly and we revamp the whole à la carte menu," the chef tells us, "so the quest for fresh ingredients at their seasonal best never stops at Breeze – or at any of the restaurants and bars at The Dome at lebua".

View the full menu here and reserve your table at Breeze today.