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Experience the earth's magic captured in a bottle.

It all began in 2001 when a couple was looking for water for their cabin in a remote area in the Danish Lake Highlands and came across an artesian spring rippling with unusually cold water that had been on a timeless journey from the surface of the earth down to an underground reservoir. Along the way, this water had absorbed quartz sand, gravel, and white and blue clay from the numerous layers of the earth. The precise age of the water they stumbled upon is not known, but some geologists believe that it could date back to the latest ice age.

When Iskilde founder Jan Bender heard the story two years later, he decided to take on the task of capturing the magic of the spring in a bottle. The Iskilde water in the reservoir contains oxygen, which means that it is 'breathing'.  Typically, when water is bottled at the source, it looses its oxygen, but when Jan set about bottling Iskilde, he added oxygen to make the experience of drinking it soft and fresh, just like at the spring. Iskilde is the only water company in the world that adds oxygen to maintain the water's purity, so when your bottle is opened, you are tasting it as it would taste at the source. Your water is still breathing. In fact, Iskilde Still contains oxygen bubbles that you can see – but not taste.

Iskilde, which means "cold spring" in Danish, is the perfect complement to salty and rich food – particularly fish – as well as desserts, and may be enjoyed right alongside your favorite wine. It was selected for all the restaurants and bars at The Dome for its unique taste – that wonderful, sweet aftertaste. While Iskilde Still is silky and round, Iskilde Sparkling has a slightly salty taste and a sharp bite. Compared to other sparkling waters, Iskilde has a low concentration of carbon dioxide, which makes the bubbles both softer and lighter – like a fine champagne.

Experience "the earth's magic captured in a bottle" – available in Thailand only at The Dome at lebua.