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Just Your Cup of Tea

Exclusively at The Dome at lebua: Pu-erh tea from Yunnan province.

In our continuing quest to bring the new, the undiscovered and the exceptional to our guests, The Dome presents the Chinese specialty, fermented dark Pu-erh Tea – just in time for the interactive China 2020 dining experience currently at Breeze and of course Chinese New Year.

Made from the highest-quality tea leaves, skillfully processed and impeccably aged, Pu-erh tea will be served exclusively at Breeze

Known as a 'connoisseurs tea', this style of high mountain tea is similar to wine in that there is a harvest and a vintage each year and it is pressed into bricks and aged in humid conditions where develops a variety of aromas, flavors and intensities – just like wine aging in an oak barrel.

Two extraordinary varieties will be served at The Dome, both of which were hitherto unavailable in Thailand:

2006 Dehong High Plateau Pu-erh

This 'incredibly fantastic' raw Pu-erh is made from dark purple wild Pu-erh tree leaves and is almost completely without bitterness, imparting a strong full taste in the mouth and a warm stimulating feeling in the mouth and body.

2005 CNNP Yellow Label Pu-erh Chitse Beeng Cha

This ripe high-grade Pu-erh from Menghai, Yunnan, has a pure aroma and balanced mellow flavor, and is very smooth and full in the mouth.

Pu-erh tea is believed to improve mental alertness and promote sharp thinking, reduce high cholesterol, and counteract the unpleasant effects of heavy alcohol consumption, making it the beverage of choice during the holiday season and all through the year ahead.