Experience culinary mixology at its best with our five liquor coffees.

Some people long for exquisite coffee, others yearn for a sweet, and many thirst for fine liquor. Guests can now have all three cravings quenched in one sumptuously steaming glass of our new signature Coffee Concoctions.

It all begins with the coffee, however, and for this we chose Vittoria Italian House blend coffee beans. The Vittoria Coffee story begins 67 years ago, when two Italian brothers, Orazio and Carmelo Cantarella, saw a need for European foods in Australia and began their import business. Today, Vittoria Coffee has become Australia's leading pure coffee brand, providing coffee worthy of following the finest of meals or simply being savored by itself.

The Dome's master mixologist, whose passionate quest for new recipes and ingredients led to our five signature liquor coffees: 

Café d'Orange
Dutch chocolate elegantly mixed with espresso and VSOP cognac chocolate liqueur, layered with a thick house-made textured orange foam, and rimmed with dehydrated orange crumble.

Caffeina e Nicotina
Cognac, espresso and our own house-made cigar liqueur sweetened with wild honey, finished with tobacco foam and shredded 85% cacao chocolate, and toasted with a flame.

Latte e Brûlée
Espresso, Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Blended Scotch, maple-infused cloves and Frangelico hazelnut and herb-flavored liqueur, elegantly steamed with smooth velvety milk, and finished with a spiced foam brûlée to seal the drink.

Freshly brewed espresso mixed with house-made orange marmalade and sweetened with Limoncello for a naturally bold citrus taste.

Classic Irish
Jameson Irish Whisky and our signature coffee blend are combined to make a classic the way it should be, just like it was when it was introduced in the 1940's.

The Coffee Concoctions are available at all of the restaurants and bars at The Dome at lebua, as well as Café Mozu.