This latest creation from our master mixologist is made with Plymouth Gin, which in Thailand you will find exclusively at The Dome at lebua.

Since 1793, Plymouth Gin has been distilled from a unique blend of seven botanicals, pure Dartmoor water from Devon in southwest England and pure grain alcohol – but it is
the botanicals that give crystal-clear Plymouth Gin its rich, fresh aroma of juniper, the notes of coriander and cardamom, the extremely smooth, full-bodied flavor, slight sweetness and lemony bite, and elegant, fresh and aromatic finish.

This is the kind of rare and exclusive ingredient we spend our days and nights searching for at The Dome – and once placed in the magic hands.

His refreshing new gin & tonic ‘culinary cocktails’ begin with gin and tonic water, like everybody else’s – it is the Plymouth combined with fruits, spices and floral flavors that sets them apart, and the labor of love that went into creating four fresh fruit house-made jams – Blueberry & Lime, Orange & Ginger, Raspberry & Chili, and Cucumber & Rosemary. Taste the magic:

The Blueberry Sour G&T – Light berries sweet, juicy, slightly acidic and medium sour; made with Blueberry & Lime jams, and garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel.

The Bitter Orange & Ginger G&T – A spicy, warm and bright lift with the bitterness of orange peel and a rich, sweet-ripe, crunchy balance; made with Orange & Ginger jams, and garnished with a dehydrated orange wheel.


The Hot Raspberry G&T – Medium dry with bits of spicy and chewy black pepper and the sweetness of raspberries; made with Raspberry & Chili jams, and garnished with ground black pepper.

The Cucumber & Rosemary G&T – An aromatic rosemary and cucumber nose, with a smooth palate attack, sweet, aromatic and floral, and a long finish; made with Cucumber & Rosemary jams, and garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

'Plymouth G&T' cocktails are now served at all restaurants and bars at The Dome at lebua, as well as Café Mozu. For dinner reservations, contact  +66 (0) 2 624 9555 or