China 2020

The future of Chinese cuisine is bright, and it has arrived at Breeze.

As China prospers, the sophistication of its food culture is on the ascent. Dishes are incorporating more medicinal elements, using higher quality ingredients and showcasing a new, experimental attitude towards dining.

Our chef’s have been watching these trends closely and are now using their observations to bring you an entirely new dining experience. Today you can get an exclusive, and exquisite, preview of the future of Chinese dining with Breeze’s China 2020 menu.

The China 2020 experience is a truly immersive one. Guests will be able to mix their own cocktails using unexpectedly delicious ingredients before cracking open a salt rock served in an elegant wooden box to reveal the Salted Roast Duck with Water Chestnut, Shitake Mushrooms and Chinese wine. While fortune cookies aren’t present in this meal of the future, luck still features in the Excitement course, where guests will roll dice to let fate determine the lucky sauce that will accompany their Omi Beef. 

Book your date with the future. Make a reservation for Breeze’s China 2020 experience.


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