Chef Fouad Zaghloul

Fouad Zaghloul - Lebanese Chef, Cafè Mozu

The cuisine of Lebanon reflects the cross-culture of numerous civilizations over the millennia, and the country’s delicacies have borrowed from all of them. We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have our very own Lebanese celebrity chef, Fouad Zaghloul, whose long gastronomic experience includes cooking for HM King Abdullah and Queen Rania Amman at the Royal Palace and Royal Hashemite Court of the Kingdom of Jordan. Therefore, when people say that the cuisine at Café Mozu is ‘fit for a king’, they are absolutely right.

In Jordan, as anybody who has visited the country knows, mealtimes are not merely a necessity, but a time for celebration. Mealtimes at Cafè Mozu are a time of celebration as well, which becomes immediately apparent as soon as you walk into the dramatic expanse of crystal-bedecked columns, dimmed Moroccan-style hanging pendants, and sheer metallic ceiling drapes that create the theatrical backdrop for Chef Fouad’s lavish culinary presentations.

While the award-winning breakfast buffet may be his most celebrated contribution to Café Mozu, with its more than 120 international specialties, Chef Fouad’s authentic Lebanese, and the wide array of Indian, Thai and Western dishes prepared by chefs from each region, are equally exciting – and served with panache, live from poolside every day.