Devi Garh by lebua - Private Dining

We take private dining personally at Devi Garh by lebua, tailoring every moment of the experience to your desires with stunning locales and flawless service for an unforgettable occasion. Our selection of original heritage dining venues is made for unforgettable social affairs, private cocktail parties and intimate dinners. Just choose the perfect one for your occasion, discuss your menu preferences with the chef, and leave the rest to our dedicated private dining team.


Capacity: 2-5 persons
This is the most charming and magical venue, replete with traces of a romantic past in the form of faded frescos and mirror work that blend into the traditional low Indian seating.


Capacity: 2-5 persons
Here, Rajasthan's rich art and culture come vividly to life with traditional low Indian seating and the natural cool breeze reminiscent of a bygone era when the royal family escaped the heat and spent moments of leisure in this room.


Capacity: 2-4 persons
Formerly the meditation room of Delwara's ancestral family, the original calligraphy on the walls of this intimate space is still intact, offering a rare glimpse of the past.


Capacity: 2-10 persons
Open to the moonlit sky, the enclosed verandah with private overhanging balcony offers complete privacy and a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding village and Aravali range.


Capacity: 2-6 persons
In this naturally elegant venue, guests are surrounded by our homegrown herbs and vegetables as they enjoy the chef’s nutritious and savory cuisine.


Capacity: 2-4 persons
Dine where the royal family played snakes and ladders. We have kept the ludo there so guests may enjoy drinks and a game before dinner.

Capacity: 2-6 persons
Dine beneath our spa cabana amidst climbing bougainvilleas and savor the special organic menu designed by our chef.

Capacity: 2-4 persons
Enjoy the leisurely walk to Delwara village to share a personal and authentic dinner with one of the local families in their home.

When exploring the village or Aravali Hills, whether on foot or bicycle, guests enjoy taking a luxurious break with one of our exclusive picnic hampers.