Weddings at Devi Garh

Weddings in India are an elaborate affair and Devi Garh by lebua tries to create a Royal experience when organizing weddings within the Palace premises.

The evening commences with the arrival of the bridegroom's party at the venue heralded by special musical tunes played on the shehnai (type of flute). The bride's family and relatives formally welcome the groom and his party inside. He is then escorted to the mandap, (the canopy decorated with flowers where the actual wedding ceremony takes place,) while the rest of the party takes seats among the audience. A local priest performs the traditional wedding ceremony and the entire area is decorated with colorful ribbons and flowers. Pamphlets describing the entire ceremony, including the vows, are distributed to all the wedding guests.

After the ceremony is complete, a spectacular firework display illuminates the night sky befitting the fairytale setting. The experience is further enriched with folk dances and the guests are encouraged to take part in the dancing, creating a lively atmosphere.

The evening concludes with an elaborate and sumptuous buffet created especially for the occasion using only the finest selection of food and drinks, catering to the most discerning palette.

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