Ron Ramirez – Mixologist, The Dome at lebua

Ron Ramirez, resident master mixologist of The Dome at lebua, has shaken and stirred his way around the world. From Manila to Bavaria, Dubai, Milan, the Maldives and Singapore, he has chased the art of cocktail-making while helping to launch several legendary bars and shining at numerous mixology and flairtending competitions.

Ron pours this accumulated experience into every cocktail he serves: his awe of the great mixologists and flair-masters he encountered, his introduction to Italian literature, the various forms of social, artistic, technical and culinary mixology, and the subtle physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that can occur in the process of cocktail construction.

After a tour of Southeast Asia during which he immersed himself in the singular flavors of the region, Ron found his home at lebua, where he dazzles guests nightly with his spectacular creations, propelling Bangkok's cocktail culture to new heights in the process.

Among Ron's recent creations are the Ice Cocktails series for which he replaces standard ice with spheres or cubes of unexpected frozen flavors, so that as the ice melts the drinks becomes more flavorsome; his Senses Signature Cocktails, which are purposefully designed to surprise and delight each of the senses; and the Barrel Aged series for which the ingredients are matured in French oak barrels for fifty days, creating house-aged spirits that become nuanced cocktails.

Like many artists, Ron also pours his emotions into his work, which contributes to the already highly charged and romantic atmosphere of lebua's restaurants and bars. "When I feel sad I create a sour drink," he says, "and if I'm feeling romantic I develop something sweet." To see, smell, touch and above all taste Ron's game-changing cocktail creations, just come up to The Dome.