The Dome at lebua

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Open: 5pm - 1am

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The Dome at lebua High atop lebua at State Tower and Tower Club at lebua, The Dome is a garden of earthly delights that tempts guests nightly with irresistible dining and beverage choices, divine service, and celestial views. For many, it is paradise found.

Here, in the charge of Food & Beverage Executive Chef Glenn Eastman, the vision of lebua's guiding light comes vividly to life through a fleet of internationally celebrated master chefs, mixologists with rock-star-like followings, and dedicated restaurant managers whose passion for gastronomy is matched only by their ardor for service.

The multiple-award-winning Sirocco, Mezzaluna, Breeze, Sky Bar, Distil, and Ocean 52 quickly became known as the restaurants of choice and the best bars in Bangkok, but no one here rests on their laurels. It is the profusion of little touches, like using the best locally and internationally sourced ingredients – many exclusive to lebua – creating a new tasting menu at Mezzaluna every night, and procuring the most sought-after gold-medal-winning rum in the world for our Dome Mojito, that makes every moment here exceptional.

If there is a secret to why The Dome attracts epicures from far and wide, and has become the preferred destination of locals, it is precisely this passion to share the new, the undiscovered and the exceptional with our guests.

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