Chef Glenn Eastman

Glenn Eastman, Executive Chef, The Dome at lebua

"I come from the small Maryland agricultural town of Salisbury," says Executive Chef Glenn Eastman, "where people have traditionally taken their daily meals from mother nature's bounty – great chicken, sweet white corn, Chincoteague oysters, Chesapeake Bay stripped bass and blue swimmer crabs. I started to cook at the age of 14 when I got a summer job in a local restaurant, cooking crabs of course, and I never looked back".

In the ensuing years, Glenn's colorful career has taken him from Mexico, where he served as Executive Chef at such iconic five-star hotels as the Four Seasons Mexico City and Punta Mita and spent two years a luxury yacht owned by Carlos Slim, to New Delhi, where he opened the Leela Palace. "Growing up in rural small-town America, I was taught from an early age the value of hard work, persistence and dedication. After so many years as a journeyman chef, I understand that every product has a story to tell – the secret is in sharing that story through creativity and talent."

What exactly does an Executive Chef do? "It involves managing the operation and the team, in addition to the cooking," Glenn explains. "I see myself as a facilitator for a team of artisans. I try not to step on their toes, but to help them find direction and motivation. I also work hard to find ways for them to challenge themselves, and support them technically".

"I'd heard of lebua of course. It's one of those places with plenty of mystique, a little mysterious, and this creates a lot of buzz. There's a lot of talent here. Head Baker Adrien Detti, and Chef Ryuki Kawasaki is true craftsmen. And what Sam Pang is doing at Breeze is really exciting with his stylized Asian cuisine, which very few people can do".

lebua is excited about having Glenn on-board, and he is equally delighted to be part of the team: "Life is about evolution", he says, "you either evolve or you go extinct. Restaurants are living entities that change and grow over time – I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the evolution of our culinary offerings".