100 Stories: “Create with the heart; build with the mind”

‘Inspiration’ from the Latin verb inspiratus means: “to breathe into”. Creation from inspiration requires breath, spirit, will and intention.

“The inspiration for Chef’s Table was a restaurant where the creation of food is central to the experience. A luxury gourmet theatre. Guests who love food are the audience, the food is the star and the chef and his team are the main protagonists,” says designer Scott Whittaker of dwp.

In the middle of the space a central cooking island of hand carved Carrara marble was crafted to form the stage. Suspended dramatically above, is a-one-of-a-kind champagne-gold ventilation hood, echoing the grand style of French chateaux kitchens fused with the spirit of a Thai stupa.

Different experiences are created within the room. Depending on where you are seated, meats are searing before you on the magnificent Molteni stove, or you watch the intricate preparation of exquisite deserts on separate marble topped islands.

The luxurious booths are arranged in semi-circles for an optimum viewing experience. All guests can clearly see the chefs creating their dishes. The only thing competing for attention are views of Bangkok, which flood in the double height glazed window pods protruding into the night sky. “My inspiration here was to deliver guests into a floating world in curved banquet seating,” say Scott.

It is difficult now, when you experience the artistry and theatre of Chef’s Table, to imagine the lonely space (with exquisite views) over Bangkok that lay abandoned for 20 years.

Chef’s Table is a breath of life and spirit in the gourmet dining scene at the world’s first vertical destination.