lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent”

We wanted wow. We wanted the sense of arrival at Chef’s Table and Pink Bar to be an experience of entering a grand cathedral or temple. An experience that you feel with your heart as you see it with your eyes. An experience that moves you.

The essence of architecture and interior design is the manipulation of light, volume and texture to create height and space. The existing architecture meant we had to compress space, open up volumes and carefully remove columns and floors. 100 tonnes of steel were added as structural beams and new columns as support. We removed a large portion of floor slab so the new steel could span these voids and open spaces. It also supports the new Otis lift shaft we built.

Without this careful planning, the double height Champagne cellar, filled with Rare Champagne and exclusive bubbles would not have been possible.
Without this the dramatic double height hand-polished veneer doors would not have been possible…
And without this the grand golden stupa, that seems to float over the chefs as the work, would most certainly not have been possible. 

The design of the restaurant space makes the whole experience, as well as the food, a gourmet feast. Designer Scott Whittaker of dwp says: “Deepak wanted the creation of food to be central. To go beyond the traditional open kitchen. The chef and his team are the focus and visual entertainment. For guests who love food this is truly theatre.”