100 Stories: “Good food starts with great products”

At Chef’s Table we are very proud to say we only choose the very best produce.
We try to be as organic as possible.

The journey from growth on the farm, to final exquisite presentation on a plate, is an extremely important one. Chef talks directly to the suppliers as well as the growers.
He knows how the weather affects things, how the soil affects things, how the length of the season affects things. “It is no use planning to have French rhubarb on the menu if the rhubarb will not be available! It is important to have good relationships with the farmers as well as the agents or importers so they can give you their inside information,” says Chef Vincent.

Of course some products are very different in Thailand than in France. Fresh Thai radish, for example, is too strong and spicy to use in the simple way it is used in France – just with butter. Instead it is used as a pickle with jelly, tartare and diced radish seasoned with lemon olive oil and salt, oyster emulsion and caviar.

We also change the presentation because the cuisine in our restaurants must be rare and luxurious. For the Pink bar menu for example. Oysters are a perfect aperitif with champagne… but everyone is doing it on the shell. So we thought - how can we change it? So scallops are used instead to create a delicious tartare with oysters. The scallops are very sweet and the ocean flavour of the oyster brings something very interesting to the dish...