lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “Great imagination is parallel to risk.

It extends beyond your comfort zone, or haven, or sense of beauty, or what you believe suits you in exploration of what may not.”

Food: its creation, its inspiration, its beauty, its taste, texture and touch…
The art of creating food has become a sensation.
You could be easily forgiven for thinking that the artists - the chefs in charge - are an extroverted bunch used to the spotlight.

When you enter Chef’s Table and see the nightly show beginning to unfold you could also be forgiven for thinking our chefs are used to the spotlight as, under our watchful eye, they place the artistry and creativity of cooking centre stage.
In front of the enormous custom-made Molteni stove, behind lush Cararra marble, they are the stars of the show.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. The chef’s are putting on a brave show along with the gourmet show. Chef Vincent says: “My team had to learn those skills very quickly. Before we were hidden in the kitchen. Now we are on stage and we have to be – manicured. We are part of the whole experience. From the uniform, to conversation to our haircuts. It is an exciting adventure for everyone.”

Before service; it was always the wait staff of the restaurant that were in front of the mirrors making finishing touches on their hair and make up. Now the chefs are there too! “They have come out from behind the kitchen walls that protected them. They were safe behind those walls! Now we smile, have eye contact and interaction. As a head chef I am used to this but this is new for the team”, says Chef Vincent.

At Chef’s table we do not need Trip Advisor to know how we are doing. We can read the pleasure in the guest’s eyes from first bite. The first feeling.