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100 Stories: “In the beginning there is fireworks.”

Simplicity and fresh seasonal produce is at the heart of Chef Vincent’s cuisine at Chef’s Table.

“In the beginning there is fireworks.
They starts as soon as you take your first bite, then there is surprise and colour throughout,
In the end you have an exciting grand finale.
Our degustation menu is a festa in your mouth.”
Chef  Vincent Thierry

Simplicity and fresh seasonal produce is at the heart of Chef Vincent’s cuisine at Chef’s Table.

Brazen natural flavours that embrace your tongue like a lover.

“When the produce is fresh, the flavours speak their own language. And simplicity is the best way to highlight the natural taste of prime quality ingredients. With a dash of salt, a twist of pepper, or a splash of wine, flavours needs very little coaxing from the freshest of ingredients.”
At the start of the meal we present a little canape to make you feel welcome and comfortable… to have something to bite on…. Then:

King Crab Tiramisu
Marinaded Tandoori Fruits, Mascarpone Cream

The King crab tiramisu is one of my signature dishes. It is very light and aromatic with tandoori spices. Fragrant not spicy which makes a balanced, very feminine dish. And very colourful too.

Flat Oyster
Caviar Imperial De Sologne, Green Apple Jelly

“I use a flat Brittany oyster which has a very refined sweetness. Served with shallot cream and covered by green apple jelly. I cut the sweetness of the apple by using cucumber to make it a balanced flavour and garnish with caviar.

Scottish Langostine and Sweetbread Lasagne
Light Shellfish Emulsion

“One my signatures dishes. The sauce has seared crayfish and roasted sweetbread. When roasted it’s a very interesting taste: toasty with a wonderful texture and pairs very well with the lobster. I use a creamy bisque which you can enjoy with a spoon.”

Foie Gras Seared
Citrus Mosaic, Fondant Carrot

We sear it to make it crispy. To get a toasted and roasted flavour. Forgeting the heaviness by balancing it with acidity is my goal: citrus: orange, lime, caviar, kumquat and some green mangos for crunchiness.

The trick is to make sure, with every new course; something exciting happens with every bite…

To be continued