100 Stories : Moments of inspiration happen when it is the soul that is moving.

The Buddha said: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

”Moments that stop your mind in its tracks are moments touched by beauty.

Moments of inspiration happen when it is the soul that is moving.

Thoughts, for a second, stop their incessant sprinting back from the past, forward to the future, to catch up to each other for a blissful breath.

In the presence of beauty, they gasp: “wow”.

The intention of the Chef’s Table designer, when he placed the champagne-gold stupa over the central cooking island in the middle of the restaurant, was to create a sense of spirit. Traditionally a stupa towers over a place of meditation: “We wanted the sense of arrival at Chef’s Table to be an experience of entering a grand cathedral or temple. An experience that you feel with your heart as you see it with your eyes. An experience that moves you”.

The stupa above the 360-degree open kitchen is the focal point of the design. Where cooking is celebrated as performance art. To achieve a ventilation hood that was both completely silent and – most importantly – removed all cooking fumes, was essential.

The interior design team worked with Halton, a global leader in creating indoor environment solutions, together Meinhardt engineers to build a cutting edge exhaust hood. Renowned Thai sculpture artist Dong to crafted the breath-taking iconic stupa. His design wraps the technical functions of the hood in a beautiful structural shape bringing together three design themes: a reinterpretation of traditional Thai architectural form, an echo of the iconic lebua dome, and the grand hoods the French Chateaux kitchens.

The stupa is hung from above and features five suspended golden rings which enhance the sculptural form and act as light reflectors. Formed from decorative gold coated stainless steel. The lower functional exhaust zone is industrial-grade cleanable stainless steel.

The result is an integration of thought, design and functionality that is simply beautiful.