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100 Stories : “Necessity is the mother of invention”

When CEO, Deepak Ohri, Chef Vincent Thierry and Designer Scott Whittaker first conceptualised a new kind of restaurant. A restaurant that takes the idea of ‘open kitchen’ to a whole new level. A restaurant that is a luxury kitchen… it was, naturally, a fabulous idea.
But, although you would never know it today, the reality proved to be somewhat more challenging.

Naturally, proper restaurant ventilation is always important… but in a luxury restaurant at the world’s first vertical destination, an extremely effective ventilation system is imperative. There should be not one whiff of smoke, not one petit waft of cooking smell allowed to lurk near elegant clothes or well coiffed hair.

In a coup de force of form meets function, the glorious champagne-gold hood, now above the chef’s table, is not only drop-dead gorgeous but practical too. It covers a one-of-a-kind suspended ventilation system that magically extracts all the cooking fumes, oil, smoke and odours – with no more than a ‘shhhhh’.

Extreme precision was necessary to avoid unwanted problems down the track. Engineers from Meinhardt and Halton ventilation specialists, worked closely with Architecture firm dwp, to develop the highly efficient system. The site certainly brought various challenges. An existing building with limited access that required most parts be assembled on site; piece by piece… The structure definitely did not lend itself to a traditional hood! So the experts put their heads together to find a bespoke solution. In the end it took almost a month to complete the installation, testing and commissioning.

The team worked together to innovate a solution that pushed the boundaries of commonplace technology. The end result is what was wanted: a stunning, high performance kitchen in the middle of the restaurant!
A perfect balance of contemporary design and luxury dining experience.