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100 Stories: Once I touch your emotions I win.

“Once I touch your emotions I win. If you tell me that this taste reminds you of something happy, you are mine. You will not forget this food because there is emotion.” Vincent Thierry

Meet the three-star Michelin at Chef’s Table: Chef Vincent Thierry

What first appealed to you about Chef’s Table concept?
“Deepak’s vision. He talks about creating the backdrop for people's experiences. And that's exactly we are doing. Creating the backdrop for people to have a real experience. Not feel ‘on show’ or uncomfortable. Amazing experiences are as much about the interaction with the people as the are the taste of delicious cuisine.”

What is more important: taste or presentation?
“Thanks to Instagram everyone thinks a lot about presentation. I tell them stop. First we work on the taste. Once we have fixed the taste we can fix the presentation. Of course we want to eat beautiful, but the most important is to eat well.”

What is creativity to you? Are you an artist or a chef?
“I'm a chef, I am a cook. I think the biggest problem today (in the cooking world) is that too many chefs view themselves first as and artist and second as a cook. I, on the other hand, compare my job with a mixologist. What they making in a glass, I make on a plate. The job of creating is the same. The balance of flavours and nuances. The basic ingredients - a lobster, for example, plus vegetables… and then you need some magic that brings it all together. That depend on the chef’s creativity: the pairing and mixing of ingredients. That's it. Then I leave it to you to judge it as artistic.”

As a classic French chef, is there one ingredient you can't live without?
“Good question… balance and acidity is important… but found in more than one ingredient. Let's say salt! Without salt everything is plain.”

What does luxury mean to you?
“It starts with the presentation. And, of course, rare and desired ingredients. I use fois gras. I use caviar. I use truffle. For me luxury is also to be humble, and real. Simple manners and not too much formality. You need to be comfortable and have a sense of warmth. I think lebua - Chef’s Table - is luxurious. But it is also simple. The backdrop to real experiences and, of course, really great food.”

What would be your last meal?
“I love cheese so much I couldn’t tell you which one is my favourite. So a platter of French cheese… served with French bread and a lovely bottle of wine. Burgundy or Cotes du Rhone…”

Bon appetit!