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100 Stories: “One can be unhappy before eating caviar, even after, but not during”

Nothing wraps your tongue in luxury like the salty, rich, buttery taste of caviar. ‘But’, says Deepak Ohri, CEO of the world’s first vertical destination: ‘It is time for caviar to go casual’.

At lebua we believe the flavoursome treat need not be shackled to white tablecloth tradition… indeed it is now available for grooving guests at the bar near the digital dance floor at lebua No.3; by the spoonful.

Notes on how to enjoy caviar
Caviar should be enjoyed with a shot of lebua’s exclusive ice cold Absolut Elyx Vodka.
Vodka is the traditional pairing, which cleanses the palette and warms the heart.
Caviar can be enjoyed with dry Champagne.
Nothing says effervescent “celebration” like that! Look for the designation ‘brut’, ‘extra brut’ or ‘brut natural’. The natural oils are balanced by the dryness of Champagne, bringing out the salty taste.

Caviar is never eaten with a metal spoon.
Caviar absorbs flavours of metal, just as it absorbs salt, which interferes with the delicate flavour profiles. The metal tins that caviar comes in have a non-reactive coating on the inside. At lebua No.3 we use mother of pearl spoons.

Resist the urge to chew.
Use your tongue to feel the buttery texture of the beads of the caviar. Approach it like a fine wine. Take in the aromas. Breathe through your mouth and roll it over your tongue… The better quality, the more complex the tasting notes. Don’t take a sip of Elyx or Champagne too quickly – enjoy the flavour.

lebua restaurants and rooftop bars are proud to be working with the Caviar House, Bangkok to offer your taste buds exclusive access to ROYAL OCIETRA and IMPERIAL BELUGA caviar

Caviar Menu
OCIETRA (30 + 50gm) caviar varies in colour from deep brown to gold. It is one of the most prized caviars from the oscietra sturgeon which weighs 50-400 pounds and can live up to 50 years.
ROYAL OCIETRA (30 + 50gm exclusive to lebua) is renowned for excellent quality. The medium-sized grains taste slightly nutty flavour. Colours range from dark grey and olive green to golden brown.
BELUGA 30 gm Is the most renowned black caviar types. Only from the Caspian Sea. Large grains and delicate in flavour. Medium to dark brown with a clear and golden tones.
IMPERIAL BELUGA (30gm exclusive to lebua) is also indigenous to the Caspian Sea. These sturgeons mature at 18 and at this stage weigh more than 100kg. This growing time gives Imperial Beluga its incredible, rich flavours.