lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “Pretty in Pink”

Designing Bangkok’s most feminine Bar. Bubbles, love and laughter were the inspiration for lebua’s latest luxury lounge.

Pink Bar, like a femme fatale, is feminine, exclusive, mysterious... and always fun.

Translucent pink onyx table tops hold your conversations, your cocktails and cool glasses of champagne. So special because each one is unique…

Straight from the 1950’s to the 21st century the voluptuous rose-velvet chairs wait to hold you.

A double height champagne cellar with four large champagne fridges keep the bubbles cold and calm before they entertain you…

Pink Bar is the only place in the world you can get Rare Champagne by the glass… with hidden secrets like the exquisite, but little known, Comptes de Dampierre.

Creative cocktails combine the friskiness of Hanky Panky with the elegance of a Sakura Garden. Magical concoctions of unique premium products. Rose flowers and delicate flavours that compliment Champagne.

A bronze and gold coloured champagne table, sculpted from exotic metals, is the focal point of the lounge. It serves as an elegant (and enormous) ice bucket; the perfect vessel to hold the world's best champagnes.

An intimate, sensual bar dressed in hues of rose and gold.

From the spacious balcony, Bangkok shines bright like a diamond, far below.

… Think Pink.