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100 Stories: “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is endlessly delicious.”

Chef’s Table at the world’s first vertical destination

The main man in the chef’s hat, under the golden stupa, behind the hand-hewn Carrara counter, in the middle of the world’s most luxurious kitchen, is Chef’s Table’s Chef de Cuisine Vincent Thierry.

Vincent grew up in the Loire Valley famous for wine, goats cheese and fresh vegetables.
He says: “It was hard not to love good food while enjoying delicious dishes served at my family dinner table. I believe the passion for cuisine starts when you are very young. It is absorbed with meals made by your Grandmother.”

Vincent honed his skills in Michelin-starred kitchens across France before earning 3 Michelin stars himself in Hong Kong. He explains “The concept for Chefs Table began when I met with Deepak and the restaurant designer. We needed to talk about every aspect of what a chef's table could be… because when you enter the restaurant; you are also entering the kitchen. A very luxurious kitchen; but a kitchen”

“We travelled to New York to experience a few different restaurants but finally worked it out in Bangkok over a bottle of wine. My personal goal, when I first saw the place was to make such wonderful dishes that the guests might forget the incredible view. If the guests forget the view; I have done my job.” He laughs.

Chef’s Table cuisine can be summed up as: ‘Classic French cuisine served with simplicity’. Chef Vincent does not believe in overloading the plate with too many ingredients or complication. “We play with texture and the balance of flavours to surprise and delight. We have only the highest quality ingredients - following the 80/20 principle. 80% of vegetables are sourced locally in Thailand. Only importing premium products which cannot be grown locally.”

For Chef Vincent constructing an extraordinary dining experience is about listening to his guests. And at Chef’s Table he has a lot of opportunity to do just that. “For me the thing that sets a good meal apart from an unforgettable dining experience; is emotion. Emotions create a lasting memory. If I touch your emotions; I know I have won. I have done my job and you will remember this experience.”