lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “Some like it hot”

Pink Bar Menu. The deep greens and gold of the elevator door close softly behind you. A spacious lobby emerges like a dream. But this is real. You are in the world’s first vertical destination.

It’s an elegant new world where the baby grand piano twinkles as a gorgeous jazz singer serenades you into the pink…

Pink Bar welcomes you like a loving hug. Soft pink velvets and curvaceous lines welcome you inside.

Maybe you’re here to make a night of it.

Or maybe you are here to watch the sky turn the colour of pink champagne as the sun set’s and the curtain raises on Bangkok’s theatre of lights…
Or, after tripping the light fantastic at lebua No.3… or Distil, it is time for a bedtime snack.
Whatever brings you here - If you are hungry - we have a sexy and luxurious menu for you.
Created specially for Pink Bar by our 3 star Michelin Chef, Vincent Thierry.

Vincent honed his skills in Michelin-starred kitchens across France.
Luxury, for him, begins with taste then presentation… and, of course, rare and desired ingredients.
He says: “For me, the thing that sets a good food apart from an unforgettable food, is emotion. Emotions create a lasting memory. It is about taste. Then I worry about beautiful. If I touch your emotions; I know I have won. I have done my job and you will remember this experience.”

Pink Bar Menu
Perigold black truffle tart
~ suggested pairing Dosnon NV Allaie Brut Nature ~
Scallop & oyster tartar
~ suggested pairing Dosnon NV Récolte Noire Zéro Dosage ~
Duck foie gras terrine
~ suggested pairing La Brun de Neuville NV Lady de N. Cuvée Clovis Brut ~
King crab cake 'sandwich'
~ suggested pairing Piper Heidsieck 2002 Rare Millésime ~
Litchi and pomelo marmelade
~ suggested pairing Dosnon NV Récolte Rose Brut ~
Strawberry macaroon
~ try with J. De Telmont NV Grand Rosé Brut ~

We could tell you more; but then we’d… spoil the experience.
Think Pink.