lebua Bangkok


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” Albert Einstein

Over the years exciting new culinary and cocktail experiences, at world renowned Avant Garde Destinations, have joined the lebua collection. From the beginning CEO Deepak Ohri’s unique outlook has been: dare to be different. He has created locations that make people’s dreams a reality. His foresight was, experiences created by emotional connection, are unforgettable.
Here are some experience that can only be had at the world’s first vertical destination

1. The world’s first vertical destination is the place to experience Bangkok’s best views. Nothing can prepare you for the dance of colour and light from all our rooftop restaurants and bars. The movement of the day toys with the urban landscape of the sprawling metropolis.

2. Dinner cooked in from of your eyes by a 3 Michelin-starred chef, Vincent Thierry. He says: “The concept for Chef's Table began when I met with Deepak and the restaurant designer, dwp’s Scott Whittaker. We needed to talk about every aspect of what a Chef's table could be… because when you enter the restaurant; you are also entering the kitchen. A very luxurious kitchen; but a kitchen.”

3. A dramatic entry experience and Instagram moment on the Breeze Bridge; one of Bangkok’s most Instagrammed locations. Inspired by the concept of Breeze restaurant, an otherworldly temple of culinary delights, that floats in the night sky.

4. lebua restaurants and rooftop bars are proud to be working with the Caviar House, Bangkok to offer your taste buds exclusive access to Royal Ocietra and Imperial Beluga caviar
ROYAL OCIETRA (30 + 50gm exclusive to lebua) is renowned for excellent quality. The medium-sized grains taste slightly nutty flavour. Colours range from dark grey and olive green to golden brown.
IMPERIAL BELUGA (30gm exclusive to lebua) is also indigenous to the Caspian Sea. These sturgeons mature at 18 and at this stage weigh more than 100kg. This growing time gives Imperial Beluga its incredible, rich flavours.

Resist the urge to chew. Use your tongue to feel the buttery texture of the beads of the caviar. Approach it like a fine wine. Take in the aromas. Breathe through your mouth and roll it over your tongue…

5. Pernod Ricard Absolut Elyx vodka has been manually distilled by expert craftsmen since 1921 in vintage copper. And that’s where the magic happens to create a naturally rich and silky smooth vodka with real character… Deepak and Pernod Ricard created a lebua-only Absolut Elyx blend designed especially for lebua guests.  Perfect for martinis or even on the rocks, lebua’s expert bartenders now craft innovative cocktails with tongue-tapping unique ingredients like caviar air, yuzu juice, Darjeeling and Thai Chili.

To be continued…