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100 Stories: “The Man Who Dared to Dream”

Q&A with Deepak Ohri CEO of lebua Hotels and Resorts.The man behind the worlds first and only vertical destination.

Q&A with Deepak Ohri CEO of lebua Hotels and Resorts.
The man behind the worlds first and only vertical destination.

1. The name lebua is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. What do you believe is the ‘secret sauce’ of success?
“I believe it is largely down to one thing: emotional connection. I want our guests to have jaw dropping experiences. Moments that stop them in their tracks; that become unforgettable.
For example, people often say to me: ‘You are a visionary because Sirocco and Sky Bar gave birth to the Bangkok rooftop dining trend’. But the truth is that I had an emotional experience when I saw first saw that view. It was unique; and I knew that if I felt that way, others surely would feel that too.”
2. What is luxury to you?
“People define luxury differently. I feel luxury is about unique experiences. Not ‘excess’. If something can go wrong it will; that is a fact. But you know at a luxury brand, like lebua, it will be made right. I think the key to offering true luxury is personal to each customer and it requires us to stay humble and to stay close.”
3. What is a ‘vertical destination’
“There are many horizontal destinations in the world. Clarke Quay in Singapore, Rodeo drive and Soho in New York or London to name a few... and there are many tall structures. But no one has been able to put these ideas together... to create everything we have; all under one roof. Since we launched Bangkok’s first iconic rooftop destination: The Dome at Lebua, which now boasts Michelin Stars at Mezzaluna, the iconic designs of Sirocco, Breeze, Distil, Sky Bar Alfresco 64, Flute Champagne Bar and, needless to say, the all-suite luxury hotel, lebua hotel… It was time to add to our collection. And we did so in fine form with the launch of lebua No.3 (the world’s tallest vodka, gin and caviar bar), Pink Bar - a mix of femme fatale and Hollywood glamour - and last but not least - Chef’s Table; which takes a 3 star Michelin star chef into the heart of the restaurant. We now have a large collection of signature luxury destinations under one very tall roof.
I truly look forward to welcoming you to the world’s first, and only, vertical destination