100 Stories: “Wine and cheese are ageless companions

“Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures.”

French cuisine is a unique, cultural melding of delicious, seasonal food with artistry on a plate. Making and savouring French cuisine is creativity, tradition and a way of life.
In the late nineteenth century Georges Auguste Escoffier, a French chef, restaurateur and culinary writer developed haute cuisine. Escoffier's book on French cooking (Le Guide Culinaire), did not include include, however, the regional character found in the French provinces. It was the Michelin Guide (Le Guide Michelin) that helped develop an appreciation for provincial cuisine.
The art of French haute-cuisine is the starting point for both Chef Vincent Thierry of Chef’s Table and Chef Ryuki Kawasaki from Mezzaluna.
Their interpretation, however, is vastly different.

Chef Ryuki's methods lean heavily on the ingredients and umami flavour of his native Japan with raw fish and Wagyu beef positioned centre stage. Chef Vincent is more classically-inclined, using slightly richer sauces and traditional French luxury products such as Foie Gras and caviar. Both chefs choose the highest quality fresh seasonal produce – organic whenever possible.

Chef Vincent is Bangkok’s first 3-star Michelin Chef. At Chef’s Table the art of cooking is placed at the very heart of the sumptuous dining experience. Central to the restaurant is the actual Chef's Table - a Molteni Stove - in cream and brass; wrapped in a smooth carved crescent hewn from Carrara marble. Suspended above him, a circular gold hood, is a stunning combination of grand chateau kitchen and Thai stupa. He says: “My style is classic French cuisine served with simplicity. I play with texture and the balance of flavours to surprise and delight. I do not overload the plate. But what is there will be infused with much emotion.”
Mezzaluna’s 2 star Michelin Chef Ryuki Kawasaki says: “My background is in classic French cuisine. But at Mezzaluna I was given complete creative freedom. I wanted to use it to offer guests a completely new gourmet dining experience. So, I began forming a highly original menu that fuses the richness, flavour and incredible texture of French cuisine with the simplicity, exquisite presentation and subtle but unique nuances of Japan.”
VIVE LA DIFFERENCE! Whichever dining experience you choose (we hope both) you are sure to have a trés bon appetit!