lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

Exquisite gourmet food, cooked before your eyes at Chef’s Table, is the undeniable star of the show. The Chefs, with three-Michelin star Chef Vincent Thierry at the fore, are the talented actors in a supporting role.

And actors have to look the part! While the ubiquitous tall white hat is an instantly recognisable sign of refined dining, normally hidden in a kitchen, the chef is not always quite so visible.

However, at Chef’s Table, behind the glistening Molteni stove, under the golden stupa hood, smack-bam, the middle of the restaurant there is no hiding. They have to look good.

The task of transforming the team, including of course the wait staff fell upon Button Up, owned by Julalak Ponpipom one of few female tailors in Thailand. They did such a great job on the quality of the uniforms at lebua No.3., they were again commissioned for the job of transforming the team.

The design brief was rather Zen like in its detail: ‘Simple, luxurious style for an ultra high end restaurant’. They interpreted this into a fashion uniform statement by focusing on restaurant’s elegant décor. As ever, there is a hint of the iconic golden dome that inspires many of the finishing touches lebua hotel’s restaurants and bars in the chic gold trim.  Premium grade wool was used for the wait staff uniforms, with a gold satin pocket to complete the luxurious look.

Team members wearing the uniforms are, of course, brand ambassadors so they are all individually made for everyone to feel comfortable, be confident and be themselves. And of course to be proud to be part of the lebua’s rooftop bar and dining scene at the world’s first vertical destination.