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Ah Lebua

HELLO! paid a visit to the iconic lebua Hotel in Bangkok, which was also a site for the famous Hollywood flick The Hangover II. But that's not the only thing that makes it famous...

When the wife of one of the crew members of The Hangover stayed at a lebua property in New Zealand, (Lake Okareka Lodge), so impressed was she with the place, that when the team began scouting for locations in Bangkok to shoot the sequel to the hit Hollywood flick, she instantaneously suggested that they go with the lebua there. The movie was shot in record time, and although it's run its course at the box - office, the hotel is still reaping. The spectacular sky-bar at lebua, Dome, is particularly sought after for the breathtaking bird's eye view from its 63rd floor, the part of the hotel which nestles its various restaurants and is iconic for its recognition value from the film that has been watched by audiences the world over. 

From the vantage point, you can see the entire Thai capital glimmer as you sip the latest offering from the bar - the Hangovertini, which is a special martini concoction that was prepared for the crew and has become a ritual for all those who visit Sirocco, the open air-restaurant which houses the sky-bar. The Hangovertini packs in quite a punch, a definite recommendation for bad boys on the loose and girls that like to indulge in a bit of adventure.

That apart, the hotel by itself speaks for ultra-comfort enhanced by luxury of the finest variety - from Acca Kappa furniture and toiletries, the spacious suites give an at-home feel once you've returned after a hectic meeting or after soaking in the various sights and sounds of Thailand's capital city. Each of the suites is built in a similar fashion with an extra bedroom, a living room, a kitchenette and a spa room. The spa room is definitely a welcome addition to the cornucopia of luxurious offerings at the hotel. With a prior appointment, you can call your therapist to your suite!

The Staff is courteous and available whenever you want them. In fact, they seem to mysteriously appear out of nowhere, every time you think you'd want to beckon them for a service request. That perhaps is the most charming quality about any hospitality hub, to be served with effortless alacrity at any time of the day or night.

The food at the Lebua is for those who enjoy a gourmet's platter with meals that go into several courses. However, despite its very elite set-up, not everyone can buy luxury at their behest. Its friendly Indian CEO Deepak Ohri informs, "We have even had to refuse to dine without a prior booking." It's all fair in their scheme of things, which is why a confirmed Lebua guest is treated as the most important person in the hotel - a king that deserves the finest treatment.

The majestic experience starts with a seven-series BMW pick-up and drop from the airport and continues throughout the stay, with minute details taken care of leaving no room to ask for more. From a location point of view, it helps that the Lebua is situated in the heart of the city making it convenient to visit nearby markets and malls.

The Lebua group is a fairly new set-up with hotels in New Zealand, Rajasthan and Bangkok. But each of their properties is marked by luxury and a commitment to give their clients their money's worth. When in Bangkok, even if you miss staying at the Lebua as a guest, make sure you visit the hotel for its unique fine dining experience at its various restaurants, Mezzaluna, Breeze and Sirocco offer a fine spread of Mediterranean, modern, Asian, Lebanese and even Indian cooking.

In any case, the hotel has fast gained a reputation for being quite the "it" destination in Bangkok- you see guests not only come dressed for an occasion when they visit the Lebua, but also armed with cameras to capture moments spent at the hotel, posing many times where the Hollywood crew had! So whether it is a business meeting or a fine date night; luxury and romance can be taken to inconceivable heights here - like in the case of a "valuable" Russian guest that came in with his girlfriend and ran up an incredible bill of a few hundred thousand dollars, as he lavished her with the most fascinating gourmet gift. You can take your pick - about keeping it simple or escalating it to the heights beyond its serene sky-bar experience that makes you feel, quite literally, on the top of the world!