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We’re having a ball!

Announcing the New Year’s Eve Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua, the highest in the world, fittingly hosted at the world’s highest alfresco restaurant.

This December 31st, lebua is hosting a celebratory event that is sure to change Bangkok's New Year's Eve countdown forever.

A century after the launch of the iconic Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop, we're taking the traditional celebration to new heights. Poised 64 stories above Bangkok at lebua's Sirocco, the world’s highest outdoor restaurant, the 2.1-meter (7-foot) ball contains 2,950 LED lights and 50 strobes that infuse it with every color in the spectrum. Its descent will begin 10 seconds before midnight from the top of a 15-meter (49-foot) pole that is situated 266 meters (872 feet) in the air in contrast to 145 meters (475 feet) for the Times Square event. The glowing spectacle that will be visible for at least 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) away, making it Bangkok's most visible icon.

Made in Thailand for Thailand by a team of 50 engineers and craftsmen who considered such factors as altitude, wind gusts and visibility, the Bangkok Ball at lebua consists of a steel frame of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, and is covered with a translucent fabric. Rigorous tests are being conducted to assure that the New Year's Eve Ball Drop ushers in 2014 without a hitch.

The spectacular event is destined to place the Bangkok Ball Drop alongside the signature New Year celebrations of other world capitals. Bathing the city in its joyful glow, the event will join the city's renowned fireworks in welcoming 2014 with an explosion of light and color.

Sirocco restaurant celebrates its Tenth Anniversary this December, and there can be no more fitting way to celebrate than the inaugural Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua. Guests at our celebrations will enjoy front-row seats from our altitude-defying restaurants and bars, including Sirocco, Breeze, Mezzaluna, Distil and Sky Bar. But those who can't join us in person, can share in the moment by looking up and enjoying the marvel in the sky.

We're delighted to play a part in ringing in 2014, and wish you a very Happy New Year.