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Dancing on top of the world

lebua recently had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive performance by the Flying Steps world championship breakdance team.

Imagine looking down at Bangkok from a handstand 63 floors above street level.  It’s definitely a unique vantage point – but that’s the view that world-champion breakdance team the Flying Steps got during their recent performance at Sirocco. 

Tables, countertops and sky bridges – no surface was safe from their flips, head spins and hand hops. Check out the video.

It was all in the name of celebration. lebua brought guests this performance, in partnership with Red Bull, to mark the launch of European Red Bull in Thailand and to celebrate the tradition of exceptional experiences at The Dome.

The Bangkok skyline provided the perfect backdrop for acrobatics. Benny of the Flying Steps crew even went so far as to call Sirocco “the most beautiful place we ever made a show.”

As much as they appreciated the rooftop venue, the team was just as happy making moves in the open space of their suite:

Up at higher altitudes, our resident mixologist and the Red Bull team displayed six fantastic cocktail creations, made especially for the occasion.  The new cocktails include “Gold Rush,” which combines lychee liquor, honey, Beefeater Gin, 23-karat gold flakes and European Red Bull, and “Jumping Jack,” which mixes Absolute 100 infused with jackfruit and cinnamon, 23-karat gold flakes in ice cubes, lemoncello, lemoncello-citric acid crystals, and European Red Bull.

The drinks were such a success that we’ve added them indefinitely to our menu at The Dome. Stop by and sample the full list!

All in all, the event was an incredible celebration of dance and drink. Urban sub-culture met high luxury, with unforgettable results.