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The journey begins in the great state of Washington where a St Helen Cattle Ranch raises select pasture-to-plate beef herds. Here, calves spend the summertime on the pasture with their mothers, while in the cold northwestern winter s they are fed high-quality grains and hays. But the real secret to the extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture is the dry aging.

For Sirocco, Chef Gabriele Castellanza wanted prime strip loin that had been dry aged for 21 days. Dry aged beef is expensive, but for Chef Gabriele, dinner at Sirocco is not about expense or extravagance, but rather a passionate attention to detail and presentation that has made his signature Mediterranean gastronomy a legend.

Fresh beef is approximately 72% water, but for Sirocco it is placed at our temperature controlled secret chamber here in lebua, allowing the moisture in the meat to escape – a process that shrinks the beef as much as 30%. Meanwhile, the dry aging process requires more trimming than usual, all of which can result in a loss of up to 50% of the weight of the original piece of beef.

The slow evaporation process gives the enzymes in the meat a chance to partially break down the proteins, concentrating the flavor of the beef while tenderizing it, and giving it that delicious nutty flavor that steak aficionados long for and treat themselves to on special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s dinner – but you don’t have to wait that long.

Now on the menu at Sirocco is charcoal-grilled 21-Day Dry Aged US Prime Beef Strip Loin with Cèpes Mushroom Sauce, served with sweet potato, red onion, artichoke and buttered polenta.

Imagine dining on that under the stars at the highest al fresco restaurant in the world with some of the most extraordinary views in the city as your backdrop and the soothing strains of the jazz band resonating through the warm breeze. Sounds like Christmas – but it’s happening right now, so reserve your table and enjoy!

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