“That was a great drink before the ice melted.” If you find yourself saying that every time you go into a bar, you probably need to find a new bar.

Welcome to Distil, where mixology takes a slightly different form than your regular place, with painstakingly crafted seasonal cocktail series radiant with tantalizing new flavors, textures and visuals – courtesy of talented house mixologist.

“To create these exquisite Ice Cocktails, I borrowed several techniques from my colleagues in the kitchens of The Dome,” says lebua's master mixologist, “techniques that have become known as ‘molecular gastronomy’ and use physics and chemistry to realize new dining and drinking possibilities including, in the case of the Ice Cocktails, solidifying liquids, flavoring ice, and making foams, gels and mists utilizing liquid nitrogen and heat”.

Guests who delighted in the innovative Devil’s Advocaat, Sinor, Same Same But Different and Rose Fashioned from Season I will be similarly enthralled by Season II, for which the standard ice that has always turned the best of drinks to water is replaced once again with spheres or cubes of completely unexpected frozen flavors.

Introducing the Ice Series, Season II:

By freezing flavors in water at minus 1.9 degrees Celsius, the more the ice melts, the more flavorful the cocktail becomes as its true essence, and that of the ultra-premium spirits within, is revealed.



My Cup of Tea – Intense, yet exceptionally smooth Alsolut 100 vodka, yellow chateaux, green Chartreuse, aloe vera, a sachet of green tea, and a dehydrated sweet lemon wedge, shaken and poured over the pièce de résistance: four TWG green tea ice cubes with wild honey. That’s high tea at Distil, more than 800 feet in the air.



Tropical Bliss – Smooth Plymouth Gin in perfect harmony with lemon juice and a splash of carbonated lime, rimmed with dehydrated passion fruit powder and served with mouth-watering ice cubes of jackfruit, ripe mango and diffused dry apples.



Luscious Lychee – Handcrafted Tequila Olmeca, lime juice and Moroccan tea syrup in a combination that gets better and better as it is ‘diluted’ by the melting lychee ice cubes.



Ernest Hemingway – Our tribute to the adventurous American author and journalist who lived in Cuba in 1940s and 1950s, this reinterpretation of the Daiquiri begins with Havana Bianco 3 Years, shaken with fresh pink grapefruit, lime juice and maraschino syrup, and served with cherry ice cubes.

Enjoy these four new Ice Cocktails at Distil, itself a tribute to the finer things in life, from premium malt whiskies, vodkas, rums, brandies, wines and champagnes, to Fine de Claire, Gillardeau and pearl oysters, Petrossian caviar, sushi and sashimi, and of course an exquisite selection of hand-rolled Cuban cigars.

Stop up at Distil tonight, try one, and chill.