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lebua's master mixologist, says the new cocktail series is "aged, not shaken", but it's certainly shaking up Bangkok's cocktail scene.

For the latest innovation in the ongoing quest to usher in a Golden Age of Cocktails in Bangkok, we mature ingredients in French oak barrels for several weeks, creating house-aged spirits used to produce nuanced cocktails. 

The first three cocktails in the series feature bourbon that is first combined with signature bitters, sugarcane sticks and California prunes, then aged in oak barrels for 50 days. The result is a chic and sexy aged bourbon, also known to drink connoisseurs as an Aged Old Fashioned. Then we merges this aged bourbon with other ingredients and processes them to create a whole new genre of cocktail with an entirely new style and character.

"One highlight is the Vanity a pink frothy drink made from our aged bourbon, combined with shaken lemon juice and fresh raspberry crushed over pineapple – then served in a glass made entirely of ice.  Also popular is the Hi-So, an incredibly smooth and delicious contemporary sensation derived from the classic julep we love so dearly. We take our aged bourbon and combine it with delicately pressed sweet basil and house-made kefir syrup".  Then there is the Amortentia, "our mesmerizing love potion for which the aged bourbon is combined with a traditional macerated Spanish wine, then made spellbinding with the fragrance of rose petals and mellowed by lychee liqueur, which highlights the vibrant infused dry apple, rambutan and jackfruit".

The latest, the aged-gin-based Pandora's Box, is "a deconstructed culinary delight", he says, "created from wild fig, vanilla cigar and orange peel that has been macerated for three days, and gin that has rested for 50 days in the same barrels previously used for the aged bourbon, also giving it a nuanced bourbon flavor that complements the cocktail, particularly when it is combined with house-made raspberry bitters". 

For those who yearn to easily whisk their cocktail away to the other restaurants and bars at The Dome at lebua, the very presentable Pandora is served in a golden square paper box, garnished with pineapple, fresh lime wedges, and dried fruits.

Barrel Aged series was preceded by such game-changing creations as the Ice Cocktails and Senses Signature Cocktails. All may be experienced from 17:00 to 01:00 at Distil, along with an unsurpassed selection of premium authentic malt whiskies, vodkas and brandies, a walk-in wine cellar, Fine de Claire, Gillardeau and pearl oysters, Petrossian caviar, sushi and sashimi, legendary Cohiba cigars, talented DJs, and the best views in Bangkok. Need we say more? Reserve your table via +66 2624 9555 or reservations@lebua.com.