Raising the stakes in the luxury industry with Product-Place Pairing

We are not a hospitality company doing marketing. It’s the other way round. We are a marketing and a trend-setting company which happens to be in the hospitality industry. – lebua Hotels & Resorts CEO Deepak Ohri

Over a span of 13 years, Deepak Ohri has reversed conventional hospitality industry wisdom by prioritizing food and beverage. Even today Tower Club at lebua's luxury goods and services strategy continues to be very much food-and-beverage led. It is the bars and restaurants that turn heads and create a buzz that fills the hotel.

In a recent interview during the launch of Alfresco 64 – A Chivas Bar, lebua Hotels & Resorts CEO Deepak Ohri explains to Forbes.com’s Adam Gordon why his underlying philosophy is about giving the luxury consumer an unmatched total experience, saying, “We created a differentiation of experience that's hard to find.”

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Reference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamgordon/2017/03/28/lebua/#66bee94d4594