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Witness the Spectacular

The magic of New Year’s continues with footage of the Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua — the highest in the world.

Watch the first-ever Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua:

Sixty-four stories above the city at Sirocco – the world's highest outdoor restaurant – the Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua rang in 2014 with a burst of light and color that transformed the city's skyline forever.

All night long, the 2,950 LED and 50 strobe lights on the Bangkok Ball illuminated the city, the anticipation building until it peaked before midnight when the ball began its descent. As the clock struck midnight, the ball's dazzling light was joined by another eruption of color from the city's fireworks, further brightening the Bangkok sky and signaling a year of exceptional things to come

For those who witnessed it and would like to see it again, and for anyone who missed it, we captured that incredible moment for you here, a moment that is destined to place the Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua alongside the signature celebrations of other world capitals.

We hope you relive the joy and excitement of New Year's Eve and enjoy the footage

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