Vincent Thierry - Chef’s Table Chef de Cuisine

Vincent Thierry grew up in the Loire Valley, a green area known as the garden of France, famous for wine, goats cheese and fresh vegetables.

His interest in good food and cooking began while enjoying delicious dishes served at his family dinner table. He believes that passion for the culture of cuisine starts when you are very young. “It is absorbed with meals handed down by your Grandmother and cooked with love.”

Vincent honed his skills in Michelin-starred kitchens across France before being selected by the celebrated Le Cinq Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, to open the renowned three Michelin Star, Caprice in Hong Kong. Since Thierry first started out as a young chef in those celebrated French kitchens; the process of creation and flavour has excited him. He finds the long journey, from growth on the farm to the final exquisite presentation on a plate, extremely rewarding.

Chef’s cooking ethos can be summed up as ‘Classic French cuisine served with simplicity’. He does not believe in overloading the plate with too many ingredients or complication. His belief is that, whereas traditional French cuisine may be considered to be many-layered, today the trend is towards unpretentiousness. He plays with texture and the balance of flavours to surprise and delight. To achieve this; only highest quality ingredients are selected. He choses only the best, preferably organic, products following the 80/20 principle. 80% of vegetables are sourced locally in Thailand, only serving premium products which cannot be grown locally.

Chef Thierry believes his vocation is as a cook first and an artist second. “Of course balancing flavours and ingredients on a plate involves creativity”. But, after that, he believes only the guest can be the judge. For him constructing an extraordinary dining experience is about listening to his guests. Exploring their tastes and preferences and infusing his creativity. 
And at Chef’s Table he has a lot of opportunity to do just that…