Chef Aleksander Hekimov

Aleksandar Hekimov, Executive Pastry Chef, The Dome at lebua

Aleksander Heikomov

From London to Las Vegas to Jakarta, Alex has practiced his craft in major international hotels around the world, creating celebratory desserts for the likes of Tony Blair, Christian Dior, Estée Lauder and Harry Potter. He appears to have been happiest at sea, however, where he worked for five years with the luxury cruise line of choice among the super-rich, beginning as Pastry Chef with a crew of four, then moving up to Corporate Pastry Chef, with “a brigade of 30 pastry chefs and bakers, fleet-wide”.

For the multilingual Alex (Bulgarian, Russian, English, Greek and Italian), it all began in his hometown of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where food “is about little bit of everything in the Balkans – German, Italian, Turkish, Middle Eastern,” he says.

It was while at culinary school that he came to realize he was “born for pastry,” and found not only an outlet for his creativity, but a way into the hearts of everyone he came into contact with. “People always remember an impressive dessert – it is a dish that is first consumed by the eyes so the visual appeal must impress,” he says. “All chefs strive to find the perfect balance between flavor and presentation. Here at lebua, I am searching search for the perfect ‘taste buzz’ from local ingredients to complement the visual presentation.

Alex brings considerable management experience to lebua as well. At his most recent post as Executive Pastry Chef, he “supervised 45 pastry chefs; pastries, desserts and chocolates for five restaurants; a bake shop; and banquets for up to 8,000 guests,” he says, adding that “our banquet guests at lebua can expect to see a few new wedding cakes by the end of the year, as well as desserts.”

“At The Dome,” he says, “I will work with all the chefs de cuisine to assure that the desserts complement the unique flavor and presentation of the menu at each restaurant. It is my hope that guests will see and taste all the love and passion we have here, as well as the friendliness and freedom that exists in the kitchens of The Dome, where no one is ever afraid to express their creativity, and everyone is empowered to be the best they can be.”