Mezzaluna Chef

Ryuki Kawasaki - Chef de Cuisine, Mezzaluna

Chef Ryuki Kawasaki developed his lifelong love of cooking as a child at his grandmother’s side. He says “All Japanese women have a passion for cooking and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandmum and learned how to cook traditional Japanese”.

Ryuki followed his heart and attended Culinary School in Tokyo, specializing in French and European cuisine, followed by Chateau de l’Eclair in France, where he received the “Best Chef of the Year in School’’ award. Straight out of school, he went to work at some of the most legendary Michelin-Starred restaurants in Europe, Japan and United States for more than 18 years, where he mastered his culinary skills and learned to manage the kitchen.

In 2015, Ryuki decided to join the iconic MezzalunaThe Dome at lebua’s finest and highest restaurant on the 65th floor in Bangkok. “I plan to do some reconstruction of the menu at Mezzaluna that will be based on our guests’ preferences and what they desire in a fine dining experience. One thing I can promise is that in the future we will be sourcing even more exclusive ingredients than guests have seen in the past, which I will be combining into new adventurous and fun presentations, as I am now able to give free reign to my passion and creativity,” says Ryuki.

Chef Ryuki appreciates the support he receives, without which he couldn’t bring his new ideas to the table. Ryuki explains “Here at Mezzaluna, I am able for the first time to select the finest exclusive ingredients in the world without limitations, whether that is best lamb from France or Nagasaki Wagyu beef from Japan – that make Mezzaluna the best fine dining in Bangkok”.

He also has plans for Mezzaluna’s open kitchen: “I am delighted to be so close to the guests now that I can not only observe how each guest reacts to each dish, but invite them into the kitchen and make the whole experience more interactive”.