Sirocco Chef

Chef Sebastien Pinson, Chef de Cuisine, Sirocco

Chef Romain Dupeyre, Chef de Cuisine, Sirocco

Chef Romain Dupeyre has spent the better part of his life 14 years working in some of achieving numerous Michelin stars along the way. He was sent to Shangri-la Paris Hotel which is  the first Shangri-la in Europe,  during pre-opening period by Chef Philippe Labbé, who saw hjis potential, and be there for about 1 year.  Another big project in his career is when he was part of the opening team of Hotel Ritz-Paris, where 2 restaurants are awarded 1& 2 Michelin Star, just after 9 months opening.

His expertise is the the food of South of France where the place is known for Mediterranean cuisine including Nice, his hometown. Now, the recently lebua Hotels & Resorts is home to his latest culinary endeavours the fine dining restaurant “Sirocco Restaurant” where elegance and luxury exuded.